Important Annexation Update!

Dear Cherokee Friends,

We hoped to be sharing good news regarding Senator Brandon Beach’s bill SB-502 to overturn the recent annexation on Arnold Mill Road from the city of Woodstock.  Sadly, that is not the case.

Message from Representative John Carson:

Friends in SE Cherokee County,

I regret to inform you that SB 502, the bill to reverse Woodstock's annexation of the Arnold Mill property, has failed for the 2020 General Assembly session. The procedural deadline for getting this on the GA House calendar for a vote was 6:30pm this evening. Though it passed the GA Senate earlier this week (thank you to Brandon Beach and John Albers), it did not receive a delegation meeting or the necessary signatures.

Thank you for your support and I promise to continue fighting for you, your family, and your way of life.


Rep. John Carson

Brandon Beach was able to enlist the support for SB-502 (Local legislation to overturn Woodstock Annexation) from Senator John Albers and the bill passed in the Senate on Tuesday, June 23rd. 

Representative John Carson sent Representative Michael Caldwell a letter (please see attached) asking Caldwell as the Chairman of the Cherokee County delegation to schedule a delegation meeting to discuss the local legislation.  Representative Caldwell scheduled the delegation meeting for 3:00 on Wednesday.  At 2:00 Caldwell cancelled the meeting.  They were required to have a 15-minute meeting to discuss the legislation and that meeting could have taken place virtually.  Caldwell and Turner played a political game with the future of unincorporated Cherokee County, they intentionally let the clock run out to prevent this bill from passing.  In the 8 years that Caldwell and Turner have represented Cherokee County they have not supported the will of the people even once, nor have they supported any requests for legislation made by our local government.  Representative Wes Cantrell was not involved in the shenanigans to prevent the meeting; however, he did not support the bill and he stated that he would not sign it.  Senator Bruce Thompson also refused to sign the bill and he did not vote at all, for or against during the vote for local legislation.

Please take a moment to send a quick note to thank the representatives that worked hard to support us on this issue.  They are:

Thankfully, Caldwell and Turner will longer be representing us after December 31, but they all need to hear from us to let them know that we are not happy with their actions on this very important bill.  Please take a moment to call or email the representatives that did not support the people of Cherokee on this bill.

(678) 523-8570

(770) 722-7526    
(404) 656-5020

(404) 660-1165

Thanks so much for caring about Cherokee County.  Please feel free to pass this on to your friends and neighbors.

Important Election on August 11th!

County Commissioner, District 2


Local races have the most direct impact on our everyday lives. County Commissioners make decisions that impact everything from property taxes to traffic, overcrowded schools and public safety.  Please let your voice be heard by casting your vote in the upcoming election for County Commissioner District 2.

The development community sees Cherokee County in a different light from those of us that live here.  We see the great quality of life that we all enjoy.  They see the potential profits.  Land here is relatively inexpensive compared to neighboring counties and more than half of the land in Cherokee County is undeveloped. 

The only way to control future growth here in Cherokee County is to support the candidates that want to preserve our quality of life and that share our views on controlling the growth.

This election is too important for our future to sit back and do nothing.  We are still seeing the effects from the pro-growth majority on the board of commissioners prior to 2007.  The damage that can be done in four years will be devastating to our quality of life.










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