Important Election on June 9th!

County Commissioner, District 2


County Commissioner, District 3

Local races have the most direct impact on our everyday lives. County Commissioners make decisions that impact everything from property taxes to traffic, overcrowded schools and public safety.  Please let your voice be heard by casting your vote in the upcoming election for County Commissioner, District 2 and District 3.

The development community sees Cherokee County in a different light from those of us that live here.  We see the great quality of life that we all enjoy.  They see the potential profits.  Land here is relatively inexpensive compared to neighboring counties and more than half of the land in Cherokee County is undeveloped. 

The only way to control future growth here in Cherokee County is to support the candidates that want to preserve our quality of life and that share our views on controlling the growth.

This election is too important for our future to sit back and do nothing.  We are still seeing the effects from the pro-growth majority on the board of commissioners prior to 2007.  The damage that can be done in four years will be devastating to our quality of life.






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