Important Election on May 22nd

County Commission Chairman

The development community sees Cherokee County in a different light from those of us that live here.  We see the great qualify of life that we all enjoy.  They see the potential profits.  Land here is relatively inexpensive compared to neighboring counties and more than half of the land in Cherokee County is undeveloped. 

The development community hit the jackpot when they found Mr. Townsend and convinced him to run.  Mr. Townsend is so much more than just a pro-growth supporter, he is one of them.  He is a builder, he built high-density homes in Holly Springs.  Mr. Townsend is also a developer, he is in partnership with other large land owners and developers.   Mr. Townsend has disclosed that he owns Townsend Pipeline Construction, a company that profits from development.  They install water and sewer pipes, the more high-density neighborhoods that are developed, the more money his company makes.  He claims that he will step down and turn the business over to his son, but it is still his family’s business and his family will benefit from more development.   

As they say; "Follow the Money"

Donations listed in Stanley Townsend's campaign disclosure report for 1/31/18:

Donations listed in Stanley Townsend's campaign disclosure report for 3/31/18:

Donations from both candidates disclosure reports were analized to determine how much money each of the candidates received from the development community.  Here are the results:

At the candidate forum sponsored by the Cherokee County Republican Women and the Cherokee County Republican Party the candidates were asked; “What percentage of your donations came from the developers and related interests”. Stanley Townsend replied that 10% of his donations were from the developers. THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!


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